Football Snickers Minis

From Game Day to Ghoul Day, satisfy their hunger with SNICKERS Minis Milk Chocolate Bars. There can be a lot to plan for those of us who like to go all out for Halloween: Halloween costumes for the whole family, picking up candy for trick-or-treaters, and decorating the house with spooky decor. But what about chocolate snacks and candy treats for Sunday’s Game? This bulk candy bag of SNICKERS chocolates are packed with peanuts, caramel, nougat, and milk chocolate making it the perfect treat to satisfy those wearing a jersey and those wearing a costume. No need for a toss-up, add SNICKERS chocolate candy bars to baked dessert recipes to be served at both football tailgate and Halloween parties. After the game, turn the channel to the scary Halloween movie marathon and pass the popcorn and candy bowl full of SNICKERS Chocolate Bars. Don’t make a rookie mistake! Order your bulk bag of SNICKERS Mini Chocolate Candy Bars for pick up, curbside, or delivery.