Sour Patch Kids Swedish Fish Oreo Bub Bag

Get ready for spooky season with this fun assortment of Halloween snack packs. Mischief-making SOUR PATCH KIDS candy and orange and raspberry flavored SOUR PATCH KIDS Zombie candy come in mouth-puckering flavors, and have plenty of tricks in store. Then there’s SWEDISH FISH candy and Bubblicious Sweet Strawberry gum, which make the season a treat! - Whether you’re planning a Halloween party, stocking up on trick or treat supplies, or looking for Halloween snacks, this Halloween candy variety pack makes prepping for fall fun. Fill trick or treat candy bags or make Halloween snack gift boxes with prepackaged Halloween snacks. - This package contains 75 trick or treat snack packs of SOUR PATCH KIDS Candy, SOUR PATCH KIDS Zombie Candy, SWEDISH FISH Candy, and Bubblicious Sweet Strawberry Flavor Gum.