Big Game Entertaining

superbowl snacks

Whether you’re tailing at the Big Game or hosting the ever so anticipated Big Game Party, you can keep your team satisfied with better-for-you treats that are tasty too!

Bite size finger food is a great way to go – not only does it control portions, but it’s easy for guests to eat, whether they’re standing or crashing on the couch. Think Panini’s, mini turkey sliders, chicken kebabs, baked chicken empanadas, raw carrots & celery with guacamole… the list goes on and on. By keeping a balance of healthy foods, like raw veggies and chicken skewers, with more indulgent options, like chicken wings and pizza, your guests will feel energized and satisfied – now that’s a win-win!

Tips for Dips: Dips don’t have to be loaded with unhealthy fats; choose hummus, guacamole, salsa and bean dip. If your dip calls for cream cheese or sour cream, choose lower fat versions or use low fat Greek yogurt as a replacement for sour cream – pair with raw veggies, whole grain crackers and baked corn chips.