Spring into Shape with these tips!

Woman nordic speed power walking, jogging and running lightly in forest in spring or summer. Sport fitness girl sports training and working out living healthy active lifestyle in forest.

If you’ve been hibernating this winter and are noticing the extra pounds adding up, you’re not alone, but it is time to spring into shape! Getting extra physical activity is one very important component but so is diet. Combining the two is the best way to take you from overweight to healthy weight…

  1. Drink More Water! Studies show proper hydration keeps your metabolism running at its peak.
  2. Boost Energy with Breakfast! Start your day with sensible selections like fresh fruit, nonfat milk, protein foods such as peanut butter or eggs and whole grains. An easy, on-the-go breakfast is a peanut butter and banana sandwich!
  3. Keep Lunch Light! Avoid the temptation to order out. Plan a lunch that includes vegetables and a lean protein source like tuna or boneless skinless chicken breast. Watch out for heavy dressings and mayonnaise.
  4. Plan Snacks! Eating mini between-meal snacks can help control portions at mealtime by curbing hunger.
  5. Commit to exercise! Develop a routine you enjoy and stick with it! Exercise can be broken up into short burst of activity throughout the day; 15 minutes during lunch and 15 minutes after dinner –30 minutes a day; now that’s no sweat!