Hatfield Classic Cut Applewood Smoked Bacon 16 oz

Smoke flavoring added. 7 g protein per 2 pan fried slice serving. Gluten free & no MSG. Family owned. American made. Pork with a pledge. Pork raised with no added hormones or steroids for growth (Learn more at simplyhatfield.com). No MSG. U.S. inspected and passed by Department of Agriculture. simplyhatfield.com. porkwithapledge.com. Join in the conversation and follow us. Facebook. Twitter. Pinterest. Instagram. Questions? Call Toll Free: 1-800-743-1191 Mon. - Fri 8 am - 4 pm EST. Check out new ways to prepare your favorite Hatfield bacon at SimplyHatfield.com. Air fryer. Oven. Enjoying this product? Mix things up and try other great Hatfield varieties.