G-U-M Toothbrush - Micro Tip Compact Soft

Bonus Proxabrush Go-betweens. Ultra-tight. For better cleaning. Recommended by dental professionals. 1. 70% more micro-feathered bristle tips for more effective, soft, gentle cleaning. 2. Interdental bristle trim is designed to effectively remove plaque between teeth. 3. Raised center Dome Trim('bristles are clinically proven to clean below the gumline where periodontal disease starts (Data on file (DOF-009)). 4. Angled neck to reach back teeth and hard-to-reach places better. 5. Comfortable and easy-to-hold handle. Dental Professionals recommend changing your toothbrush every 3 months or immediately after a cold, flu or any oral infections. Proaxbrush Go-Betweens Cleaners: Flexible handle for better comfort and control when cleaning hard-to-reach places. Triangular shaped bristles remove up to 25% more plaque (Compared to conventional nylon filament. Data on file (DOF-0001)). Antibacterial bristles keep brush clean between uses (Bristles incorporate an antibacterial agent for continuous bristle protection. Bacterial growth that may affect the bristles is inhibited. The agent in the bristles does not protect against disease). GUMbrand.com. Package in U.S.A.