St Ives Lotion Revitalizing Blueberry

Made with 100% natural exfoliants. New look! Instantly hydrates for a vibrant, healthy glow. Paraben free. Dermatologist tested. Absorbs instantly. Non-greasy formula. Superfoods aren't only for your smoothies! Give your skin a wakeup call with this hydrating lotion for a vibrant, radiant glow. With 100% natural moisturizers, this non-greasy lotions absorbs quickly to revitalize tired skin and give it a boost of instant hydration. Why we (heart) acai, blueberries, & chia seed oil. Acai is one of the hottest fruits to hit the superfood scene! The tiny yet bold blueberry offers more than just a burst of juicy flavor. How can you not feel refreshed and revived just looking at these blue beauties? Cheerful chia seed oil extract is known to leave skin with a silky, soft feeling. Made with 100% natural moisturizers (vegetable glycerin, soybean oil). Made with a unique energy-efficient process. Learn more about our face scrubs & body washes at Questions & comments? USA: 1-866-912-9867. Throw me in your recycle bin, not the trash! This bottle contains up to 25% recycled plastic.