Crest Pro Health Toothpaste Sensitive Teeth Smooth Mint

A toothpaste made to help block out sensitivity. With Crest Sensitivity Complete Protection Toothpaste you’ll get the benefit of stannous fluoride that actively builds a protective and therapeutic layer to protect against tooth sensitivity and fights plaque, gingivitis and cavities for whole mouth health. Patented stannous fluoride Protects against cavities, plaque, gingivitis, acid erosion† and tooth sensitivity for whole mouth health †Acid erosion effects: acids in everyday food can soften and thin enamel, leaving teeth less white, weaker and sensitiveThis toothpaste provides sensitivity relief for 24 hour protection* and reduces tooth sensitivity. *with twice daily use Clinically proven active ingredient from the #1 toothpaste brand builds a protective layer that blocks micro-channels with first brushing Protects against sensitive teeth Provides sensitivity relief for 24 hour protection* *with twice daily use Helps prevent plaque, gingivitis, and tartar From the inventors of Patented Stannous Fluoride